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Service Location

Location of Work

We operate by having two different coloured zones. 



Zone Pink  Zone 1-2 

Any customers and business enquires of full valet, minimum of three vehicles can get a discounted rate of 15% Off. Ask for more details.

Zone Blue  Zone 3-4
Any customers that require full valet in zone 3 - 4 need minimum of three vehicles. You can receive a discounted rate of 15% Off. FULL VALET ONLY. Ask for more details.

Check on our map which zone you are in to make sure what service is available in your area.



We are Vivid Wash, a steam based car wash that is eco friendly and professional. Our aim is to bring high customer satisfaction through low cost, at all times. We plan to do this by delivering you a high level of services by our expert level trained employees. So sit back and relax, so we can put pride in your ride, wherever you are.

Our values make us who we are

  • Environmental friendly.

  • Making everyday life easy for customers.

  • Easy going

  • Professional and reliable

  • Customer’s satisfaction and happiness is important to us.

  • Low costs and high satisfaction

  • Understanding.

  • Proud.

  • Time efficiency / productivity for customers.

    Note all our shampoos and anti bacterial solutions are free from harmful chemicals. 

A collection of cars
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