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  • Does it do the same job as water and soap?
    Our steam based a car wash provides the same results or better as a normal water jet car wash, leaving your car damage free and glistening.
  • Is it harmful to the environment?
    No, by using our steam based service, you are helping us to sustain and protect the environment since steam cleaning uses less water and toxic products.
  • Are you servicing in my area?
    We operate in all the areas that we have highlighted and listed on our map.
  • How will you clean the inside of my car?
    All types of odours are eliminated with steam cleaning, non toxic products with a microscopic towel and anti bacterial sprays. Pet stains, smoke stains and mould can be removed by steam and also wiped using all the different anti-bacterial sprays that we use. Fabrics are quickly deep cleaned using microscopic towel and shampoo then steam vacuumed and freshened up easily Surfaces are almost dry as soon as the steam cleaning is done. Areas that are hard to reach like dashboards, vents, ashtrays, armrests and cup holders are easily cleaned in minutes. We do this using steam, shampoos, anti-bacterial spray and polished, depending on what service you choose.
  • Do you work with businesses?
    Yes we do work with all registered business and we also offer them a 15% discount on full valets.
  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule my booking?
    Yes you can reschedule and cancel your booking; however you need to inform us two hours before hand in order for the cancellation or the reschedule process to take place
  • Do I need to be present?
    No you don’t if you are paying for just an exterior wash, however for full valet, where interior cleaning is included, the customer must be present for our employees to access the car’s interior.
  • Can I cancel a wash? Will I get charged?
    Yes you can cancel a service within a minim of two hours period before hand. Furthermore failure to do so, you will be charged a fee.
  • Where do I enter the promotion code I have?
    On your shopping cart, when you proceed your payment.
  • Where does my car have to be?
    Anywhere but please make sure our employees can access it
  • How and when do I know my payment is processed?
    You will get a receipt confirmation through your email or phone text
  • How will I know when my car has been cleaned?
    You will get an email or text message with a before and after picture of your car showing the services we provided
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